That's how you promote erections!

In a follow-up to the theme 'Unwanted Erection' that we touched on days ago, here's a dear reader some ways to help you tame an erection that occurs outside of bed or at off time for sex.
First, try to distract you and try to find a suitable way to do so by thinking about something important or strange. Think of something very important, such thoughts certainly tame your erection.
Second, you can go for a walk and while walking you force your body to pump blood into your lower limbs, helping to relieve erections.
Third, put something cool in your lap that doesn't have to find cubes or ice bags next to you to use, but know that gestureobjects help reduce blood pumping to your penis and reduce its arousal. And the most important thing is not to further provoke you. Don't think of someone attractive, and don't try to stay in the same uncomfortable position as you. Just follow the previous steps to get rid of your unwanted erection.
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