That's how you deal with mosquito bites.

The body secretes more itchy substances, and then these places are quickly exposed to inflammation, if the areas of mosquito bites are scratched.

Instead of scratching the bite, some home recipes can be used to treat itching and inflammation, such as using half an onion or slice of lemon to cleanse the position, apple cider vinegar reduces itching, when applied to the skin immediately after bite, and the clotted milk has an anti-inflammatory effect, where it is put cold I have a bandage on the bite position.

Itching, inflammations and allergic responses can also be treated with creams and gels, and these preparations contain, for example, antihistamines and hydrocortisone.

To avoid mosquito bites, after exercise, bath should quickly cool and cool the skin, and long clothes protect the legs and arms from bites, in addition to this it is preferable to wear light-colored clothes, as dark clothes attract mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can also be protected by mosquito sprays, which are used on the skin to form a barrier of smell, to prevent insects from standing on the skin.

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