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Step-by-step steps to write an exclusive article (comprehensive guide)

Article definition
An article is a text on a specific topic and is usually an idea or set of ideas linked to each other, and the article often consists of an introduction on the subject of the main article and is exploited to attract the reader's attention to the topic and is called (attention magnet).

Then the essence of the article is that this part is more detailed about the basis of the article and provides in-depth information on the subject.

Finally, the conclusion is a summary of what was put forward on the subject and the emphasis on some of the points that were made at the core of the article.

The article defines ali as a limited textual piece characterized by the expression of itself and offers an idea and value to the reader, and the terms of the subject are clear and carefully selected.

How to write an article in 5 easy steps (summary)

Step 1: Select the subject of the article, create a outline of the content of the article, and do a search of competitors and what is being discussed on the subject.
Step 2: Craft an informative title to capture readers' attention.
Step 3: Write your article, either write a draft or gradually every period you write part of it.
Step 4: Use images to improve the presentation of an article and simplify incomprehensible points.

Step 5: Edit your article. Be sure to avoid repetition, read the publication to answer spelling mistakes, and keep sentences and paragraphs short.

Step 1: Planning
The process of writing an article takes more than two hours, even if you have the ability to write 80 words per minute and your writing skills are strong. From the beginning of the idea to finally reaching the "publishing" stage, you may spend several days or maybe a week "writing" an exclusive article, but it's important that you spend these vital hours planning your participation and even thinking about the article before writing it.

Before sitting down and starting to think and plan the article must first be all right i.e. your mind is clear and ready to think about the details and parts of the article in depth, the planning stage is the most important stage in writing a distinctive article because after the first stage completes the rest of the steps and therefore if the worst Q It is not prepared accurately and you will not get the required quality.

Choose a topic that interests you
 No matter where you work, as a writer and content writer, you must live and die with this saying.

Before you start doing the next steps, be sure to choose an article that really interests you. Because writing a subject you are not interested in will not excite you and therefore you will not be able to give as it should be. Easily you can see if the author of the article is bored with his subject or if he was passionate about it while writing it.

Of course you might object to my opinion. You may have a client asking you to contain marble and granite and what you have is just superficial information about the industry, but the characteristic that characterizes a professional writer is the ability to write a good article about any field, regardless of the drought that may appear in the article. But the more enthusiastic you are about your subject, the more excited your readers are when they read it.

Write the headlines of the article
The best bloggers need an approximate idea about the subject to keep them on track.

The purpose of the headlines of the article is to make sure that I know what I plan to cover, and in what order the different headlines will appear, and some details of what each section will include. And make you focus on the overall structure of the article.

Whether you're writing a outline in a WordPress file or on a piece of paper, whatever you're writing, do everything for you to stay focused.

Search for the mastodon
One of the biggest secrets of professional bloggers (including me) I don't want you to know is that we don't already know everything. Truth be told, sometimes we don't know anything about the subject before we sit down to write about it.

That's not to say that all bloggers are like this. On the contrary, the natural curiosity of many bloggers is what makes them great at what they do, so you should be comfortable moving from writing one article to another, even if you don't know anything about it. What allows us to do this, and officially write about new areas for us, is to gain new knowledge.

Needless to say, relying on Wikipedia only as a primary source is always a bad idea. Yes, Wikipedia contains thousands of articles that have been excellently searched, but not infallible, and the wrong facts are making their way to the articles without the site's moderators noticing. In addition, every verifiable fact on the site is cited from links elsewhere on the Internet, so why cite the broker?

If you rely on third-party information to write your blog post, choose reliable sources. Official blogs and websites

Step 4: Use attractive images
Use images relevant to the context of the article
Each image in the article must serve for a clear functional purpose.

Avoid purely decorative images
Puredecorative images rarely provide a positive experience for users – in many cases, users simply ignore them, but in some cases, these images can overwhelm and distract them.

For example, many corporate sites are famous for using abstract images of buildings in design. The idea behind this is simple - to give visitors a sense of a modern company. Unfortunately, these images give zero value information to anyone visiting a website.

Don't use an image because it looks beautiful, always think about the message you send visitors through the image.

Deliver high-quality images
Present images that fit the size of all different screens to work properly. The images you use should not appear blurry or pixelated.

Color contrast test
If you use text above the image, it is important to test the color contrast rate to make sure that the text is readable.

Step 5: Review and editing phase
The review phase before the article is published is the most important stage so you should ask yourself is this exactly what you want to publish?

Not every contented writer comes out the best article from the first attempt. The book spends hours getting ideas and then coming up with the first draft.

But the important thing here is to edit the article, rather than pressing the PUBLISH button immediately after drafting.

Editing an article requires a lot more effort than drafting. When you rewrite, you set up a final version of your article.

Some tips to help you edit and review your article before publishing it like a pro...

Set your goals
When editing an article, be very specific to describe the purpose of the topic you choose to express. Ask yourself what the purpose of writing is to check whether your words clearly define your goals.

Main frame
The main frame of the article includes an introduction part that contains the purpose of the article, which is an introduction to the topic.

Then comes the body of an article that includes the central part of your article. The message you want to provide and the solutions you provide through your article.

Finally, the conclusion part of the article that includes your message comes to your readers. Lets you wrap up

Rules for writing a good article
Writing a good article requires two things: good content and good technology.

There is great competition in online content writing. Anyone can write something and publish it, and describe it as an article – in the information age, the definition of an article has become unclear to many. Nevertheless, the line between a good and a bad article is very clear.

The most important rules for writing a good article:

Rule 1: Write a special description that attracts the visitor to the article
The opening paragraph at the beginning of the article is a major obstacle to those who write the article. You should impress the reader through the first paragraph of the article and do not let him complete the article so that he knows what you are talking about and whether the article is worth reading or not. This requires an effort to write a short and distinctive introduction while giving it a background on what it will find in the details.

Start with something short and easy to read. Prove to the reader that you are offering value, then ask him to do more by reading the article.

Rule 2: Make the article short sentences

How many times have you seen an article and found that he is talking about the world and the long paragraphs and i spoke to him Certainly a few times, most of us prefer short-sentence articles because they are more understandable, if you write


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