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Hours after it was launched. Disney Plus faces technical and security problems

The disney plus network faced technical problems in its first day of operation, due to the heavy traffic to subscribe to its services, as many subscribers failed to reach its offerings due to the slow download process.

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According to Forbes magazine, a number of subscribers filed complaints after failing to access the service, some reported the appearance of cartoon character Ralph on screen when trying to subscribe to the service, referring to ralph's smashing the internet, while others pointed to the appearance of a mickey mouse image His friend Pluto is lost in space, in a sign of the failure of internet connectivity.

Technical problems

Another problem that users have encountered is their inability to open the content of the offers, despite their success in downloading the home page and choosing from its various services, with a message on the screen: 'Sorry, the content you're trying to access is not currently available, you'll be redirected to the page home again.'

The Disney Plus app was launched on Tuesday in the United States, hours ahead of its agreed date, and with its launch it was easy

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