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6 Tips for Writing a SEO-Compatible Article

Before we get into these tips, let's start by explaining what it means to have your site's content compatible with Siu. Simply create the content to display it in search engines in a distinctive way. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Emarketers marketers and bloggers who focus on SEO and forget about the content and the reader's reaction. Think about your visitors and customers and write a useful content for them, you write to people and not to search engines. If your site is new, it is natural that you aspire to get a good ranking and appearance in the search results. If you want to get back links through visitors, you must have a unique content to be an external source that enhances the credibility of your site. Here are seven tips for writing a SEO-compatible content.

1. Writing a useful and attractive content
If you ask me what a good way to write the world, my answer will be to write a useful and entertaining content. If you share an exclusive content on your site, you will get priority on the search engine results page known as SERP. Many visitors, when they find the content of your site useful and entertaining, will share it in their blogs and personal accounts.

2. Keep your article short and at the heart of the topic
Consider the reader's time, so make your article a quick score. Some long articles are boring. From my experience, if the time to read your article is 5 to 10 minutes, it will be good and give the visitor a chance to see more articles.

3. Choose keywords and use them wisely
Before you start writing the article you must choose the keywords you will use, and include them in the title, description, content of the article, h1, h2, etc. Make sure you don't use the keyword significantly, use it wisely and when needed only. Don't be lazy, make labels within your site and categorize your articles because this helps search engines determine your location's specialty. If you don't know which words to use, these great sites are wordtracker* Google Trends.

4. Make links part of your article
When you add a link to another article in your new article, it's very important that you make it part of your article instead of saying "click here." Adding links to trusted sites within your article and using them as a source is important because it gives your visitors confidence and credibility about the information you share.

5. Improve images to better arrange search results
The use of related images not only makes your article more exciting but also enables you to improve your ranking in search results if you are able to improve images by naming the images with the keyword you are targeting and adding alt code to all images. Make sure that improving the image size as much as possible will improve load time by reducing the size of the image without sacrificing its quality will ensure good results. You can improve image size with the Image Enhancement tool.

6. Read the article before it is published
This is a must for all writers, you must read your article to make sure that it is made of spelling mistakes, and imagine yourself as a visitor before targeting keywords what if you are in his place and want to find your money what will you write?


The era of scams that webmasters used to get an order on Google is long over. For now, good content will give you more opportunities to get ranked in Google. Good content also brings you more posts on Facebook and Twitter and visitors to your site again. And Matt Katz always says his famous sentence, "Content is the King."


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