20 films on 'Virtual Reality' at Cairo Film Festival

The Cairo Film Festival, chaired by Mohamed Hafi, revealed the participation of 20 films in the program 'Virtual Reality' during the 41st edition, which begins November 20, and will run until 29 November.

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For the second year in a row, the program offers the festival audience a unique opportunity, experimenting with virtual reality technology, which transforms the viewer from a mere recipient into an active participant with the ability to move to worlds completely different from his own, through glasses worn by the virtual world of the film.

This year's virtual reality film list includes 20 films from 15 countries: 'Traveller' from Australia, directed by Isobel Knowles and Van Sauer Wayne, 'A Conscious Presence', directed by Mark Zimmerman, the Real Thing, from France, directed by Benoit Vilsey, and Shaung -in pictures, from China, directed by Sheng Shao.

Also featured in the program is 'Bird of Song' from Denmark, directed by Lucy Greenwell, 'Drawing and Moving' by Michelle and Uri Kranot, and 'Days of Zero' from the USA, directed by Jasmine Al-Ayyat, 'Downloaded', from Canada, directed by Ole Rankin and Rahma, from Cameroon and the United States of America, directed by Armando Kirwin.

Also featuring 'The Peak of Pagan' from Germany, directed by Loya Esserles, 'The Lake' from Chad, Kenya and Zimbabwe, directed by Naisha Kadandara, And Zawya Al-Samat from South Africa and Australia, directed by Nirma Madhu and Here from South Africa, directed by Shelley Barry, and Dami and Valian from Canada and Nigeria Directed by Edward Madhu Jimu.

The programme also includes 'The Forgotten', directed by Black Rayno, 'Reviving Art through Virtual Reality', from Egypt, directed by Majid Faraj, "No Place for Our Dreams", directed by Efibusola Shotondi and Jibril Olam Biono, and 'What Can You Do', from Kenya, directed by Tolana Bohela Barbara Moriongio and Kerry Maugi, 'Battle Scars - Punk invented by girls', from France and the USA, directed by Martin Alais and Nicolas Casavici, and 'The Lost Botanist', from South Africa, directed by Rick Trewick, Rey Trewick and Chibok Girls from Nigeria, Directed by Joel Kashi Benson.

There are also 6 panel discussions within
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